About Hardwood to Go

Mahogany overstockDespite sustainable forestry practices and green building practices, the lumber industry still produces a great deal of waste just in the course of doing normal business.  This “waste” is nothing more than lumber that is shorter than 8 feet, contains figure or defects, kiln sticker staining, or does not meet an industry standard dimension.  In some instances, there is nothing wrong at all with the lumber.  As the lumber wholesaler fills multi-thousand board foot orders, the lumber pack gets picked over time and again leaving only 100 to 50 board feet remaining.

Hardwood To Go buys up all this quality wood and bundles it into board foot packs or offers it for sale as individual boards.  To the furniture maker and hobby woodworker, this lumber is pure gold.  These “defects” become “figure” and character for that perfect project.

Here is the great part!  Because we buy these outcasts in bulk from the wholesalers we can pass on the savings to you.  You can use us to find that figured piece perfect as an accent door panel or drawer front or you can flesh out the rest of your project with quality FAS and Select lumber for much less than the cost of your typical retail lumber yard.

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